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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Why Hariom’s?

Why Hariom’s?


If over 70 years of robust tailoring excellence and over thousands of satisfied customers isn’t invitation enough into the Hariom’s circle, consider the following Top Ten list of exclusive Hariom’s services – with an extra half thrown in for exact measure, pun intended.


11 1/2 reasons why Hariom’s is your preferred family tailor:

  • In-house inventory that boasts over 3000 fabrics, imported from the finest of Italian and English mills.
  • We accept 12-hour work orders – the same quality, delivered the same day. Curing all fashion emergencies.
  • Free Delivery within Jabotabek.
  • Alterations are always possible with a Hariom’s garment allowing for fluctuations in size.
  • Alterations are also always gratis.
  • Our charges are affordable allowing you to indulge in the pampering of a personal tailor without the hefty price tag.
  • Work with friendly, trusted cutters with vast expertise. Not tape-wielding salespeople, fresh off a two-day course.
  • Genuine people, genuine advice. We convey the style, cloths and colors that work for you AND the ones that don’t.
  • Measurements and preferences are kept on file for 5 years, simply order via phone or email.
  • Find us easily in the textile hub of Pasar Baru where our suits are measured, cut and produced.
  • The tailor who did your very first Hariom’s garment will stay on with you during the entire time you remain a Hariom’s customer, giving consistency to the look and feel of your future garments.
  • Tailoring that is 100% guaranteed. If it’s not perfect, we’ll make it so. If not, your money back.

Visit Hariom’s to experience the other 89.5 reasons.

Your preferences are always first at Hariom’s,
your preferred family tailor.


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